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Keep Oklahoma Pro-Business - Get Plugged into the RIED Report!

The legislative session is upon us! That means the RIED Report is back in action, tracking and scoring the bills up for consideration that impact economic growth. For nearly 30 years, the RIED Report has been the business community’s legislative report card, grading legislators on their votes on issues of concern to businesses.


New this year, RIED will treat all bills as potentially scoreable, not just bills included in a list at the beginning of session. This change to our methodology improves the final RIED Report, allowing us to stay nimble as legislation and legislators’ priorities shift throughout session, and ultimately making final RIED scores more reflective of legislators’ comprehensive voting records. We are excited about this change that we are confident will improve RIED as an information source for the business community.


Throughout session we will push updates to legislators highlighting bills we think are important and could be scored. There will still be a watchlist of the bills we have a clear stance on, but if in the last hours of session something big comes up, it could be added and scored.


With this new approach, the opportunity to make your voice heard and to make sure your company or industry’s issues are taken into account is better than ever! To get involved with the RIED process by submitting bills for scoring consideration and/or helping to shape RIED’s position on individual bills, please reach out to Ben Lepak or RIED.


For now, click the button below to find RIED’s general stances on issues impacting the economy. And be sure to add to your safe sender list, so you too can stay up to date throughout session!

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