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Workers Gain From Exposure to AI

There has been a great deal of concern in the past year about the growing ubiquity of artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI. Many have worried that the limitless innovation it promises will steal jobs from people, and that its ever-evolving capabilities will lead to a dystopian future in which machines rule the world. Okay, the latter is a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. The point is that the fear over the rise of AI is real, and a lot of folks are concerned that their jobs are in danger.

But history and data show that new technology in the workplace benefits workers by boosting their productivity, giving them greater opportunity to diversify their work experience by modifying how they approach their tasks, and by creating new jobs.

The business community is evolving by investing in AI, hoping to maximize the technology's potential and facilitate unprecedented growth. The workforce will also evolve by gaining new skills to fulfill the many jobs that the AI boom will create. Those workers are crucial to this new era of growth and possibility.

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