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Leadership Exchange Academy

Where leaders come to exchange ideas and learn about good government practices, the public policy process, and free enterprise.


The goal of the cohort program is to create exceptional opportunities for adult leaders in Oklahoma to exchange ideas, learn about good governance practices, the public policy process, and increase their vision of growth based on free enterprise. The cohort program is designed so participants can build new and lasting relationships with program members, Oklahoma leaders, and public policy experts.

The program is administered and run by The State Chamber Research Foundation. 


Jeremy Allen

Bradley Barrick

Laura Butler Claussen

Kaylee Cale

Carson Cunningham

Matt Echols

Justin Green

Madelyn  Hague

Preston Hall

Stefani Heller

Bryan Hutchinson

Louis Jackson

Eric Jenkins

Baruc Lara 

Brayden Love

Ryan McCartney

Lauren McCay

Will McConnell

Will Milam

Carolina  Morris

Kyle Peppler

Angela Pierce

Joseph Pierce

S.E. Puett

Matt Rosman

Audrey Ruark

Greg Sadler

Michael Shaw

Curtis Shelton

Jessie Thomas

Brandi Thomas

Deborah Torres

Matt Watson

Carly Wells

Mike Whaley

Angela Williams

Tyler Williamson

Randall Yates

Owner & CEO, LiveBetter at Home

Executive Director of Government and Military Relations, Rose State College

Associate Vice President of Public Affairs and Strategic Relations, University of Central Oklahoma

Government Relations Specialist, BCBSOK

Senior Communications Specialist, OG&E

Owner, Self-Employed as a Mediator

City Council/ Corporal, City Of Broken Arrow/ Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

Press Secretary, The Oklahoma House of Representatives 

Grassroots advocate, Americans for Prosperity/ Michael Morrison

Community Relations Director, Oklahoma County District 2 Brian Maughan

CEO, Oklahoma Association of REALTORS

Senior Account Executive, CAMP

Emergency Manager - Disaster Response, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Managing Partner, Big League City Outdoor Media

Civil Service Division Mediation Program Manager, Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services

Field Representative, Congresswoman Stephanie Bice

Associate, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Owner/Operator, McConnell Plumbing

Policy Analyst, Office of the Governor

Director, Government Relations, Hillcrest

Assistant Solicitor General, Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General

Finance Director, 929 Strategies

Legislative Attorney, Oklahoma State Senate

Senior Workforce Transformation Advisor, PWC

Assistant, Norvell Consulting

Communications Manager, The State Chamber

Account Director, Furniture Marketing Group

People Person, EMBARK (COTPA)

Policy Research Fellow, Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Training Manager, American Truck Training 

General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn Lawton Fort Sill

Policy Analyst, Office of the Governor 

Cybersecurity Consultant, Guernsey

Parliamentarian/Reading Clerk, Oklahoma House of Representatives 

Associate Director, retired August 2023

Commissioner's Assistant, Pottawatomie County District 2

Executive Assistant, Oklahoma Senate

Director/Attorney, Crowe & Dunlevy, P.C. 


How does the cohort program work?

Cohort program participants must first apply and then be accepted into the cohort program. After being selected through an application process and paying the cohort program tuition, participants are admitted into the cohort program. Each cohort program consists of four days of different public policy workshops. Full participation in each of the four workshop days is mandatory.

What are the program details?

  • Submission Deadline: May 1, 2024

  • Program Dates: June 20 - 21 and July 25 - 26, 2024

  • Cost: $250 for all four days

What is the size and makeup of the cohort program?

Because the cohort program is designed to be an engaging small group experience, the number of participants admitted is limited. We receive many applications and admit a small group of under 35 into the program. We have a variety of backgrounds and ages represented in the cohort program. Our participants are all well-respected leaders in their professions and in their communities. We have had former and current mayors, top business, military, community, and public policy leaders all participate in our cohort program. 

How many days is the cohort program?


The cohort program consists of four different program days held in June and July. Dates for 2024 will be released in January. 

After the cohort program is completed, what is next?


Each cohort program consists of a different group of participants. Once the four-day cohort program is completed, participants become alumni. As an alumnus there is no need to apply to another cohort program. Upon successful completion of the cohort program, alumni are given further opportunities to continue to develop as leaders, interact with alumni from other cohorts and help mentor current and future program participants. Alumni are also given opportunities to participate in special events and activities. These opportunities are only available to program alumni. 

What topics are covered during the four-day cohort program?

In general, the four workshop days for each cohort program typically include the following topics:

Legislative Process 

Participants will explore and discuss a variety of topics regarding the legislative process, including: 

  • Committee work and how a bill becomes a law 

  • How the budget process is managed 

  • Working with constituents and stakeholders 

  • The development of Oklahoma’s government and its unique characteristics 

Oklahoma Policy Overview 

Participants explore the varying aspects of policy topics in Oklahoma including: 

  • Economic Development 

  • Oil and Natural Gas 

  • Oklahoma's Budget 

  • Corrections 

  • Education 

  • Infrastructure 

Campaign Structure and Mechanics

Participants will discuss a variety of topics, including: 

  • Best practices 

  • Mistakes and misconceptions 

  • Fundraising 


Participants will explore and discuss a variety of topics, including: 

  • Leadership needed in business and public policy 

  • Vignettes on leadership 

  • Problem solving 


Free Enterprise 

Participants will discuss a variety of topics, including: 

  • What is free enterprise and economic freedom? 

  • Foundational principles of free enterprise 

  • Innovation, risk taking and entrepreneurial opportunities 

  • Regulation and licensing 

Who should apply to the LEA cohort program?

We encourage leaders of any background to apply. In addition, applicants should have an interest in the public policy process, along with a strong desire to build lasting relationships with program members, Oklahoma leaders and public policy experts, and learn about good governance practices and free enterprise.

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