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The Disruption of a National Railroad Strike

You may have seen news reports in recent days about the potential for a national railroad strike. Though contract negotiations between freight railroads and unions continue and Congress is being urged to intervene to head off disaster,

the deadline for a breakthrough that would avoid a strike is fast approaching. As of today, the likelihood of a national shutdown of rail service is high.

What does this mean for the economy? In simple terms, its not good.

First, the cost is staggering. A strike is expected to result in a $2 billion economic loss per day. U.S. consumers would see disruptions in Amtrak services, food shortages, delays in production, a further lack of new vehicles for purchase, and higher prices.

Second, a strike will exacerbate our already stubborn inflation picture. Today’s updated inflation report was already worse than many expected, and a massive supply chain disruption will only worsen the situation.

For more information on the possible railroad strike, read SCRF’s issue brief here.

For additional information, visit these helpful links:

  • U.S. Chamber – How a National Rail Shutdown will Impact Consumers

  • U.S. Chamber Letter to Congress

  • The Economic Impact of Railroad Shutdown

Service updates from the major freight carriers.

  • BNSF

  • CN

  • CSX

  • Norfolk Southern

  • UP


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