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Scorecard Points to Pro Business Legislature with Lost Opportunities

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 16, 2023) – Multiple perfect scores and lost opportunities headline this year's RIED Report from the State Chamber Research Foundation. Forty-five Oklahoma state legislators voted yes on all six “pro-growth” bills that were scored. No “anti-growth” bills were scored in this year’s report.

“I would say that the scores are reflective of a legislature that is interested in growing the state's economy,” said Ben Lepak, SCRF Executive Director. “But we think that there are some opportunities that were left on the table for pro-growth policies, like tax reform. In the last few years, the number of anti-growth bills that are being enacted into law has decreased. We didn’t have a single anti-growth bill that we included in the final score.”

For a quarter century, the RIED Report has promoted economic growth through the evaluation of business, job and economic growth issues considered by the Oklahoma Legislature.

“This year was kind of interesting. Overall, I think the legislature was fairly pro-growth. There were lots of pro-growth measures. We didn’t have a single anti-growth bill that was enacted into law,” said Amanda Hall, RIED Director.

RIED creates a profile of each legislator’s individual voting record for bills dealing with business, industry, job creation, and economic growth issues deemed important by the private sector.

Each legislator is graded with respect to his or her vote on each bill. Absences are not counted against the final score.

The RIED Report itself was revamped in 2023. Each bill has a further explanation as well as a RIED stance on the bill and why it was rated pro or anti-growth.

The RIED material is not intended to be and does not constitute an endorsement of any kind or to represent an official source. Interested persons should formulate their own opinions relative to the data.

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