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Introducing the Legal Center

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The Legal Center, a project of The State Chamber Research Foundation, provides successful and active representation for the business community through its participation in and education on legal actions impacting Oklahoma’s business climate.

"The legal center is going to become a critical part of what we do," said Chad Warmington, President and CEO of The State Chamber of Oklahoma. "We can't just rely on getting legislation passed and then moving on to other things. We have to monitor legislation as it becomes implemented at the state agencies and is challenged in the courts. And we have to go defend that legislation, sometimes in courts."

The Legal Center performs a range of tasks to ensure that companies get a fair shake in the courtroom, filing amicus briefs in cases that impact the business community, and educating the public, policymakers and courts on matters related to the legal system.

In-house legal experts who comprise The Legal Center team diligently study trends and issues to better protect and preserve the legal rights of Oklahoma companies.

Watch the below video for an up-close look at all that The Legal Center does to stand up for Oklahoma companies.


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