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Oklahoma’s Talent Pipeline

If business leaders in Oklahoma are unified around anything, it’s the need to better align Oklahoma’s Higher Education and Career Tech systems to the workforce needs of the business community.

Nearly 90% of business leaders think our higher education system needs to do a better job of incentivizing students to study in fields where there is a greater workforce need, and fully 64% think the structure of Oklahoma’s Career Tech system forces too much money to be spent on buildings rather than the valuable programs on offer at their campuses.

These are among the insights gleaned from the 2022 edition of our Business Leaders Poll, a collaborative project of The State Chamber Research Foundation, the Oklahoma Business Roundtable, and The State Chamber. The BLP is an annual “pulse check” of the Oklahoma business community, measuring the sentiments, concerns, and outlook of the business leaders who shape Oklahoma’s economy.

The BLP is meant to be a resource for businesses, policymakers, and the public, built on the conviction that to create a prosperous and growing Oklahoma, we must first understand the views of those who are the front lines of Oklahoma’s economy—the business leaders we are counting on to deliver that future for Oklahoma.

To read the report, visit here.


To hear from SCRF Executive Director Ben Lepak click here.

The State Chamber Research Foundation (SCRF) is the business community’s think tank. Through high quality research and analysis, SCRF educates policymakers and the public about the virtues of the free enterprise system, the public policy ideas that enable free enterprise to thrive, and the positive contributions of the business community to the prosperity and welfare of the people of Oklahoma. As a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization, SCRF is dedicated to advancing free markets, increasing opportunity, and growing prosperity.

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